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K-5 Learning

K-5 Learning

Inspiring your child to begin building a firm foundation during their formative years sets the Polaris School K-5 Program apart.

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Middle School

Middle School

Empowering your 6 through 8th grade student to begin discovering where their talents and passions come together.

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High School

High School

Engaging your High School student with the tools, motivation, and academic acumen to boldly pursue their future.

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Organizations / Schools

Organizations / Schools

If you are starting a new school or expanding your educational program and need help - Polaris School is your one-stop partner!

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Discovering Purpose, Developing Skills, and Blazing Pathways to a Successful, Fulfilling Life

The Polaris School addresses the societal need for personal responsibility instead of entitlement, the need for contribution not acquirement, the need for collaborative accomplishment not self-aggrandizement.

We do this by inspiring students to find their true passions and gifts. Empowering them with the belief, tools and knowledge to reach their goals. Engaging students with leaders, mentors, and networks that assist them in building bridges to their future.

Polaris School is an international virtual curriculum / educational provider and private school for students Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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I am a Parent/Facilitator or Student looking for a flexible, alternative education

Is your child unable to reach their full potential at school? Are they unsafe or being bullied? Is your child an athlete that trains or competes and cannot attend a traditional school on a regular basis? Are you simply looking for a flexible education that fits your family's schedule?
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Alternative Education

I am an organization/school looking for a partner with world-class curriculum and support

Are you a small group and want to establish your own 'school'? Is your co-op looking to offer a complete curriculum program to your students? Do you have an organization already in place and want a partner to help you grow? Is your school looking to offer a blended education for your families but thought the cost were prohibitive?
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  • "Thank you so much for your assistance over the years with Hank and Hannah - we really enjoyed your program. Hank has been accepted to Farmingdale College State University in their Manufacturing Engineering Program. He is currently studying abroad in Germany, Norway, France and Belgium."

    Hansen Family
    Hansen FamilyBabylon, NY
  • “Thank you for your program. It has helped Adrienne to grow in her appreciation of learning; it has put her on her career path in the medical field and has made her a well-rounded person. Your staff has been exceptionally helpful during rough times and good and very cordial in their dealings with me over the years. I have been pleased and amazed at what your program has to offer a young person.”

    King Family
    King FamilyDulueth, GA
  • “As always you provide fantastic service. I can’t express adequately how appreciative I am of the education you have provided my children but I can tell you that I have wholeheartedly recommended your school to every parent I know whether they have expressed interest in virtually educating their children or not”

    Beachy Family
    Beachy FamilyKhom Kaen – Thailand
  • After being at my wits end with my daughter who hated school so much that I could barely get her to attend, much less do her school work, I decided to home school her. Polaris School’s options seemed to be a great fit not only for her, but also for me as a parent. Not only did she begin to love school, but she loved it so much that she worked so hard and fast that she graduated a year and a half early. Without Polaris School, I don’t think that she ever would have graduated. Now, she is starting college early and is a much happier girl! Thank you Polaris School for all of the great things that you offered, and the wonderful feedback from the office and staff to make everything so easy and almost seamless on my end!

    McDonald Family
    McDonald FamilyWest Tawakoni, TX
  • Morgan plans to attend Collin College for her core classes and then to Texas Women’s or Bayer to finish up to get her degree in Occupational Therapy. Polaris School gave great opportunity to get ahead and allowed Morgan to graduate a full year ahead of schedule! Thank you for your support!

    Bond Family
    Bond FamilyMcKinney, TX